The POOL, SPA & PATIO SHOW does something no other show can offer: It attracts Qualified Buyers for POOLS, SPAS & PATIOS.  If you want to get yourself in front of actual qualified buyers then you want to be at this show. 

SPAS & POOLS: Let's take a look at the market segment. As of 2011 there are 183,245 single detached households in Winnipeg. Studies suggest that Pool & Spas sales are somewhere between 3.5% and 9% of households, which is dependent on your region. Let's be conservative and take 3.5% of households are looking to purchase a Spa, Hot Tub or Pool in 2016. That calculates out to approximately 6400 households that are looking to purchase a Spa, Hot Tub or Pool in 2017.

LANDSCAPING PRODUCTS: As we can extrapolate much data form the US, as our markets are very similar, demand for landscaping products in the United States is forecast to grow 5.3 percent per year to $8.2 billion in 2019. Decorative products will remain the largest segment, while hardscape products will continue as the fastest growing. Environmental concerns will favour products such as solar lighting and permeable pavers. 

Testimonials from the 2016 Pool, Spa & Patio Show


Darren Seymour
 Arctic Spas

"The buyer we are seeing is much more qualified....we have sold product at the show...it's worth the investment" 


Jeff Vermette
 Lawn N Order

"It's the perfect show for us...I can't believe the amount of traffic and leads that resulted from the show....we are definitely coming in next year" 


Clarence Bergen
 Urban Life

"We sold Spas, we sold projects coming up for summer...if you are not here you are missing out...absolutely come back next year"


Lloyd Montgomery
 Montgomery Pool Co.

"Results have been wonderful for us...we have some sales put together...this show is extremely valuable to us...the people coming here are serious...I'm coming back for sure next year"


Joel Hoeppner
 J & D Penner

"People are excited...it's been a great response so far...we are getting people signed up... very productive for J & D Penner"


Mike Sudoski
 Crown Spa & Pools

"It's been a great turnout...it's exceeded my expectations...it's been such a great success"


If you want to put on a First Class show you need a First Class Venue and The RBC Convention Centre delivers that experience. To be on par with other industry shows we decided that this venue was the only one to consider. We have approximately 25,000 sf of the third floor. As you may know the third floor is the floor of choice for almost all the major Trade Shows including: The Home & Garden Show (formerly Home Expressions), the Mid Canada Boat Show & the RV Show.  The third Floor has 30’ high ceilings which looks impressive. The venue has the electrical and water requirements needed to display our Spas & Pools.  To give the show floor and upscale look the main walkway will be carpeted.  The show will be located on the the third floor HALL D. We are very excited! 

Unlike other Home Shows, that are for profit, the Pool, Spa & Patio Show is hosted by the NON-PROFIT Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada. We have priced the booth space extremely affordable and the PHTCC Membership saves you even more! We want to make the event very attractive to all the backyard professional companies to attend. Any excess funds made on the show stays in our bank account and is used to promote the Pool & Spa industry in the Prairies. If you are a member of the PHTCC then your company will be a beneficiary of these funds through future promotions, training and functions. There is complete transparency for all the accounting, so you know where every dollar is going. Ultimately we are putting on the SHOW - BY US, FOR US  and for the least amount of expense. The show’s only function is to make you successful and grow our industry we belong to. We need your support as solidarity is strength! 

We have allocated approximately $35,000* in advertising and promotion. (*Actual number tentative on bookings)
This includes:
•    Digital Media and Social: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter
•    Website Development
•    Winnipeg Free Press & Radio Campaigns
•    Show Signage
•    Prizes for attendees

As this is our first SHOW we need to be excited but realistic. Our expectation for the show is to capture approximately 1/3 of those 6400 buyers or approximately 2100 qualified buyers to make it through our doors. But remember these people are aren’t just looking as in other “Home Shows”, these are 2100 buyers that are looking to see what Spa or Pool they are going to be purchasing in 2017. Of course, as it is a Special Event, you will want to promote “Special Pricing” at the show. We expect you to gain leads and sales at the show.  The people attending will be looking for EARLY-BIRD pricing and PRE-SEASON Specials.      


If you would like to become an exhibitor please fill out the “Request for Exhibit Space Contract” that is below. If you are not a PHTCC Member and would like to get preferred Show Rates and many other great benefits please fill out "PHTCC Application"

Please contact Jay to pick up your completed contract and deposit.
    *Jay Lemieux at 204-999-4170

Booth Space is limited so please let us know as soon as possible. 

Thank you. We will contact for the Final Balance in January and supply you with an Exhibitors Kit. Thank you for the support and get ready for a fantastic show!